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My Papers

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Digital Longevity

How will our grandchildren be able to read our digital documents?


These papers discuss the nature of modeling, which I believe to be one of the most fundamental functions of the human mind.

Adaptive Decisionmaking

Adaptive Decisionmaking is a novel approach to managing and performing complex, multi-faceted endeavors in which decisions often have to be reversed. Examples of such endeavors include designing and implementing large-scale systems and "systems of systems" (SoSs), conducting environmental or ecological studies, performing ongoing, long-term policy or systems analyses, and business process re-engineering of large organizations or institutions.

Miscellaneous Papers

Interoperability: This paper discusses two major issues involved in making computer systems work together meaningfully (i.e., "interoperate" with each other). One of these issues is the need for such systems to be semantically compatible, and the other is the fact that interoperability is a "cross-cutting" concern that must permeate the design and implementation of systems if they are to interoperate successfully.

Your Brain on Postmodernism

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